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India ranked 17th in the global startup ecosystem from 37 – GK Dose

India ranked 17th in the global startup ecosystem from 37

On 20th April 2019, India ranked 17th position among 100 countries in the global startup ecosystem in 2018, from the 37th spot last year in the Startup Ecosystem Ranking for 2019 as per the data released by StartupBlink.

Global-startup-ecosystem-RankingKey Points:
i. The United States, United Kingdom, and Canada are the top three countries ranked the first, second and third respectively in terms of global rankings.
ii. This ranking was based on the strength of its startup ecosystem.
iii. Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Mumbai are the cities with the most vibrant startup ecosystems in India. Bengaluru was as the top startup city in India at 11th spot, while New Delhi followed in the 18th spot. Mumbai stood at 29th rank.
iv. Total 3800 new startups were launched in India during 2018 and Overall, Indian startups received $11 bn of funding through 743 deals in 2018 according to Inc42 DataLabs.

A Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Report has been released by the US Department of Justice
A special counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed to investigate the Russian interference in the 2016 US election, Attorney General William Barr has released 448 pages Trump-Russia report in redacted form which claims that the special counsel found no evidence of Russian meddling in US election in 2016.
i. Democrats questioned about Attorney General William Barr’s plan to hold news conference before Congress and public came to know about the details of report. Democrats claimed that Barr’ plan is to shape the public views of the report.

Key Findings by Special Counsel Robert Mueller
i. According to a special counsel Robert Mueller, the Russian government interfered through the Internet Research Agency in the 2016 US election in ‘sweeping and systematic fashion’.
ii. Earlier the aim of Russian interference is to undermine the US electoral system but in early 2016 the aim was to favour Trump as a President of US and harm Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.
About US
♦ Capital: Washington D.C
♦ Currency: US Dollar


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