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Download UPSC Topper Kanishk Kataria Study Notes in PDF UPSC 2018 Topper

Download UPSC Topper Kanishk Kataria Study Notes in PDF

Contents :(Economy)

  • National Manufacturing Policy, 2011:
  • Make in India 2015:
  • Globalisation:
  • Special Economic Zones:
  • Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020:

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Contents :(History)

Following is the list of topics that must be covered for Post Independence.
Partition and its impact
Integration of Princely States
Jammu and Kashmir
Integration of French and Portuguese Colonies
Linguistic Reorganisation of States
Integration of the Tribals
Regionalism and Sons of the Soil doctrine — Covered in Social Issues
Hindi as Lingua Franca
Foreign Relations
India’s interference in international crises
Relations with USA and USSR
Relations with Pakistan and China
Indo-Chinese war, 1962
J.Nehru → contributions and failures
Five Year Plans
Opposition Parties upto 1965
Lal Bahadur Shastri
Indo-Pakistan War, 1965
Indira Gandhi → contributions and failures
General Elections, 1967
Naxalism in India
Split in the Congress – 1969 and 1971 General Elections
The Challenge of Bangladesh, 1971
JP Movement/Total Revolution
Nav Nirman Movement/Gujarat Movement
Bihar Movement/Total Revolution
Declaration of Emergency, 1975-77 ***<IMP> 40 years anniversary
History of imposition of President’s rule in the states
Elections and Return of Indira Gandhi
Several opposition parties came together and formed Janata Party in 1977 to face the elections, where it had formed the government
However, its support faded and the party disintegrated, resulted in interim elections in 1980, in which Indira Gandhi won the elections
In 1978-79 Congress witnessed a split – Congress(I) led by Indira Gandhi and Congress(U)
Rajiv Gandhi – successes and failures
Mandal Commission
Kargil War
Telangana Movement
Over the question of retaining Mulki rules (provision of special preference to the people of Telangana in the public employment and universities)
Demand for separate state was also raised in the 1960s itself
Finally, a compromise was achieved by making a constitutional amendment and included the article 341D. This provided for special preference for local people in public employment to all districts in the state over outsiders
Punjab Crisis
Balance of Payments Crisis, 1991
PV Narasimha Rao
Atal Bihari Vajpayee [Bharat Ratna] Various Movements:
Dravidian Movement
Chipko Movement
Anti-Arrack Movement
Narmada Bachao Andolan
Bachpan Bachao Andolan
Bhopal Gas Tragedy
Land Reforms
Bhoodan/Gramdan Movement
Sarvodaya Movement
Refers to the efforts of Gandhian followers to establish a Gandhian Sarvodaya concept
Gandhian Sarvodaya
upliftment/progress to all
Rejected western form of capitalism that replaced human labour
Focus on organisation and welfare of villages
Special focus on labourers, farmers and rural economy
Leaders – JP, Vinoba Bhave etc.
Components of Sarvodaya Movement:
JP Movement/Total Revolution
Peasant movements
Indian Women since independence

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